Sage for centuries has traditionally been used for ceremonial purification rituals. It clears one's energy of physical & mental negative energies. It is believed that all plants & living things have its own spirit. White Sage is devoted to protect, bless and tap into the power of clearing negative energies.

1. Antibiotic Properties

It has been scientifically proven that Sage has Antibiotic properties which most people have found relief from sinus congestion, pain and even migranes. The best way to use the Spirit of Sage is to burn it. Burn your Bundle of dried sage and direct it in the areas of your body or space you want to clear the energies from.

2. Clearing Energy Properties

When you're energy is low, or you are having feelings of depression,etc. You can use sage to cleanse your entire energy field. Just burn your sage bundle to smudge yourself from head to toe. Starting around your head first and continue the line over your whole body. It's most important when you are cleansing your body to give a prayer of Gratitude for the plants spirit and well as to express your intentions for why you are using it in the first place.

3. How to Smudge your Home

Sage is the best way to cleanse your home of any negative energy, spirits or just to purify the air in your home. To do this you want to start clock wise beginning with your door way to your home, then moving to each corner of every room. Traditionally we pray to the four directions, and honoring the earth and all its elements. Give thanks and gratitude for the plants medicine and to creator for Sage's healing abilities. Gratitude is key:) So as you move in the room go from corner of the walls, corners of your windows, sage electronics, mirrors, you sage from corner to corner because energy gets stuck in these spaces so you want to make sure to smoke out all your space.

4. What to say when Saging your Space

This is the most important part to aid Sage and its healing properties,  are the words you use as you Sage your space & home.As you sweep through your house, it's important to remove energies through prayer as well. This is an ancient practice for healing, ceremonial and energy clearing work. 

5. Reset Your Crystals

I burn my Sage not only to cleanse my body & home but also to cleanse my crystals. It is a really simple way to reset your crystals energy from all of the intentions you have set to it. Or if you just bought it and bringing it home for the first time, this is a way to clear any other energies it may have picked up. 

Your intention when using your Sage is most powerful. Make sure your intentions are clear for what your purpose is while cleansing your space. Invite your Angels and Spirit guides to help you release all negative energies that are in your space.

Suggested words as a guide for what to say when clearing your space:

I Now ask my Guardian Angels along with the Spirit of this Sage to assist me in releasing all negativity and energies that no longer serve me or the Divine's higher purpose in my life. I ask for the Divine to sweep all negative energies away with the highest and greatest good, according to the Heavenly Creator and his will. So Be It!

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Good evening,
U want to Thank you for taking the time to give Such an insightful uplifting and encouraging live on stage and how to use it. Unfortunately I was in able to tune in but I watched it a couple hours after and I’m so grateful that I did , I in one of those persons that have no idea how to smudge or where to start I have always been interested in doing so. I have always wanted to purchase sage and Palo Santo but held back because I felt that had to have a good source of where it came from. The properties of cleansing and doing with positive intentions , Thank you for reaffirming and my intentions in doing this.

Artemisa Rico

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