Healing with Herbal Sage Bundles

Healing with Magia Herbs!

All healing essentially begins within & is also effected by the energy around you! Cinnamon is one of the many herbs that amplifies your Magia or Magic! You can add it to any intention or herb and watch it manifest as well as magnify its properties.

This is due to its magical properties and why we have wrapped it with Fresh Sage for its cleansing abilities & Dried Oranges to bring more zest & prosperity into your life.

Cinnamon is known to bring you protection,  love, healing, prosperity, spiritual awareness, and enhance your psychic abilities. (We all need more of this).

The smell of cinnamon is also very powerful! As it creates a warm, healing aura with its smells to protect your home. Its antibacterial and brings you inner protection, too! It shields your home from negative energies. You can  place your smudge sticks near your door or window seals.

Burning both Sage & cinnamon can remove all negativity and create a protective aura within your space. It's an immediate purifier.

You can also infuse these herbs into boiling water which will bring out their properties. Then with the herbs, drain it like a tea & put the herbal water in a spray bottle. This can now be used as a protective healing spray.

Our Sage Cinnamon Citrus Bundle can be gifted for protection, healing to uplift you from all negativity or added to your altar.

Healing message within the Oranges!

They signify a time to enjoy and reflect on the many successes we have achieved. We are given a new day, everyday is a gift to renew our well being.

The spirit of the orange tree is a sign for increased health, prosperity and to enjoy literally the zest of life in all its vibrancy.

I encourage you to use these Healing bundles as a symbol to continually love one another in all that you do! 

Honor yourself and what you have accomplished this far and encourage our loved ones to do the same!

Enjoy the Zest of what life has to offer! Use your Healing Sage Citrus Bundles to aid you manifesting more prosperity, love and protection into your life!

Blessings & A Happy New Year!


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