Money & Mimosas with Turbo Tax

                                     Money & Mimosas #turbotaxgivesyoumore
We All Grow Latina x Turbo Tax Hosted an Exclusive Brunch
at Ysabel West Hollywood Restaurant! The focus was to gather your Amigas, and discuss what really matters: Financial freedom. We as Latinas can empower ourselves and our families when we become Financially savy.  Resources like Turbo Tax can help you this Tax Season become Financially empowered with all of the tax services & resources they offer.
The Panelists were moderated by the beautiful woman in the Raspberry Red Beret:                    Gaby Natale, Host of SuperLatina TV, Entrepreneur & Author
The Participating panelists who joined in were Elaine King in the Black Dress, Certified Financial Planner & Business Advisor, Jenny Lorenzo, Content Creator to the right of her and other far end was Lisa Greene-Lewis, CPA & Tax Expert!
I caught all of their tips Live on IG. But one of the key topics was to research all the new Tax Deductions for 2019. So many good tips were shared amongst these amazing knowledgeable women on their own personal financial journeys, how they utilize & intregrate financial tools for their own income, expenses etc. And how everyone's financial needs will vary. Finances take planning, just like everything else in life. Its about giving your money a schedule for ex: saving up every month $50, in 6 months you will have a little savings. You don't have to be an entrepreneur to learn new tools, but if you are one the key is to at least save 20% of your sales to pay for taxes at the end of each quarter. These are all tips to being financial savy. If you have a goal to open a business save, save, save! Simple tools, yet anyone can apply them.
Everyone will have different Money Wishes. Some people will be wanting to invest money into their business, others will want to save for college, most of the women today were entrepreneurs and were interested to hear about what was the difference between being a Solo-preneur vs. a LLC. or incorporating their businesses.
All of these money concerns were addressed by our Financial panelists. Each one of them gave great advice to utilize the info Turbo Tax has online. To take advantage of their Live Turbo Tax features and to research their money tools they have available. The best way to find out what's going to be the best solution for you, simply comes down to doing the research. Being informed always empowers you!
                     My jewelry of the day was my Gratitude Heart Necklace. 
I chose to wear this as a reminder that money & my finances are important right now but to be grateful for everything that I have. Even being a guest to this amazing event. Everyone came out in the L.A. rain to show their support that money does matter.
Ysabel West Hollywood space was magical. Words don't do this place justice. I highly recommend stopping by for their brunch Sat or Sun. to experience this place for yourself.  When you walk in your eyes are brought into a hidden wonderland. An amazing patio with trees, twinkle lights and a fresh romantic setting. I can't wait to come back to experience more of Ysabel...and their food!
Our Brunch started off with Mimosas of course, next we were served amazing Entrees like Overnight Muesli that consisted of Seasonal Fruit, strauss yogurt, honey & candied seeds. I was doing a Live IG and eating at the same time. So I didn't get a close up pic:(
Next we had Smoked Salmon Flatbread, Avocado Toast and Flat Iron Steak just to give you an idea of how yummy all the servings we had at Ysabel! Can you say, Otra, Otra, otra.......
Such a beautiful brunch with amazing company, talking money over great food. I walked around to absorb their beautiful space under sounds of L.A.'s thunder showers. So pretty, romantic setting for brunch, lunch or dinner.
Ysabel West Hollywood IG Brunch
What I learned today was how important it is to keep yourself financial savy whether you have a business or not. To utilized the tools turbo tax offers. I never knew how much they offered. I will get to experience Turbo Tax first had with the giftcards given by Turbo Tax! #turbotaxgivesyoumore and I can't wait to try out their services this tax season. 
I'm looking forward to creating financial abundance in 2019! Hope you are too!
Chicana in the City

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