Spiritual Guidance/Healer Session

  • $20.00

Thank you for choosing to work with me on your Spiritual Journey. 

My main goal of being a spiritual counselor is to help people reach a state of awareness, or self-realization thru a guided talk to help get clarity on current issues affecting your life.

My Purpose in life is to help people by using my own personal spiritual Clairvoyant & clairaudio insight from  20 yrs of my own Spiritual Journey experience! 

In our session I will do my best to aid you to help you find your own unique and amazing spiritual purpose. Focusing on your own strengths and abilities, and utilize your gifts to interconnect with your loved ones and the rest of the world.

I'm in the process of working together, I can't guarantee I will bring you specific answers, so the Donations listed below are a fee in honor of my energy & time towards helping you as best to my abilities. This session is only advice not a guaranteed remedy to solve your problems.

Once you place your donation. You will receive an email to schedule a time to have a personal call, zoom mtg or IG Chat. All Donations are final sale.




I look forward to working with you and humbling using my God given gifts to serve humanity with the highest good and purpose. So be it.