6 Essential Chingona Hoop Earrings to Style your Look!

6 Essential Chingona Hoop Earrings to Style your Look!

6 Essential Chingona

Hoop Earrings to Style your Look

Just because summer is slowly coming to an end that doesn't mean we put our Chingona (Bad Ass) Hoops away! In fact there are all sorts of cute choices to wear that will keep you looking fly all winter long.

Allow me to be your Chola Boss Ultimate guide! A few things to consider, Are you a ride or die Big Hoop Kinda Girl or do you like more of the Keep it Classy type of Chingona? Either way, I got you covered.

I love me some Big Hoops and I cannot lie:) Lets Start Shopping!

Your Love is King Kinda Hoops

I love these Chola Boss Gold Hoops ($55) These hoops got a Sade look alike appeal. These hoops should be called the Mother of all Chingona Hoops!


 Fiesta Flower Bamboo Hoops

Street Style meets Stylish Chic! Now these hoops are Chingona just with their flower color combination and classic bamboo hoop style. ($25) Holla


Love Bird 14kt Gold Arracadas

Now these right here, I need all day everyday! Talk about Chingona (Bad Ass) Handmade in 14kt Gold Fill with beautiful Mexican Style Love Birds! ($525)



Turquoise Healing Hoop Earrings

Every Chingona should own some Turquoise Hoops. You can dress these hoops up or down, yet still have a little protection with this turquoise Master Healing Stone!


Virgen de Guadalupe 14kt Gold Hoops

Classic Chingona Hoops with the Virgen! Now these hoops are 14kt Gold and remind me of my Abuela! We all know our Abuela's are Chingonas! ($365)


Virgen Bamboo Hoops 


All Chingonas Need at least two pair of these classic hoops. Designed with a Virgen charm and roses for those extra positive vibes! ($30)

As a Latina I enjoy expressing my self through my style! Growing up, Hoop earrings were always an iconic piece of jewelry to style my outfits with. I was never afraid to just be me. It's important to be comfortable in who you are!

Stay Chingona!

Xoxo, Lisa




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