Cleanse Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!

When you begin a Spiritual Healing Journey the first thing to do is Listen to Your Intuition and be Patience! These are two key things to recognize as you walk thru this thing we call life!
We are all experiencing it through our own way. Yet if you don't stop to notice when your ankle gets twisted, it's a sign to do some grounding work. Or listen to that inner voice that told you to stop calling that person. These are all little or sometimes big signs of the direction you need to go in.
If you never tried to use your intuition before. First step is to get your mind quiet. Start to get into a meditational state, or put on soothing vibrational music or go for a walk. And whatever issue you are having, begin to ask the question that you want an answer too. And listen for your inner voice. Usually the first thing you hear is your guide. And cleansing is necessary. Use some Palo Santo to help clear your mindset!
Cleanse Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself! 
Stay Blessed,

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