Get Ramona's Hustlers Jewelry Look!

Its Women Crush Wednesday Ladies! If you haven't seen Hustlers Movie featuring My #wcw you need to get your tickets now! Talk about an amazing performance by JLo! Is there nothing this women can't do? 

I fell in love with the 90's inspired street style! They had your classic Juicy Couture outfits, to your Timberland Boots, and my favorite Personalized Bamboo Hoops & so much more!

Of course JLo's "Ramona" role was inspiring by flipping the script & showing an empowering side of how these Manhattan strippers took over powerful Wall Street Mens money!

All these women were phenomenally beautiful! I loved Constance Wu as Destiny too! Rocking her Bamboo Hoops like a "G"! And learning the stripper game!

Nothing more sexier than a women with confidence! Cop her look with these O.G. Name plate Bamboo Hoops! 

And let's just take a minute to soak in this picture! JLo is just looking the ultimate here! In the movie she is wearing a classic 90's Diamond cut 14kt Gold name plate necklace! 

We got all these Classic styles and more in our Chola Boss Collection! I'm a 90's girl myself and I was just as excited to see the movie as I was for all the jewelry!!!

Like I said if you haven't seen it yet, go see it! You're going to want to get your Ramona look on right after you step out of theater!!

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