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Imix Mayan Necklace

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Imix Mayan Pendant 

Wire wrapped with Indian Agate in Sterling Silver. Designed with healing powers of self confidence, courage and grounding to bring you balance in life.

Creation begins with Faith & Self Love! Imix, or Imox in K’iche’ Maya, represents powerful psychic forces & what is often called the “left side of reality”—those other dimensions, worlds, levels of existence that are unusual, eccentric, or in general deemed outside of what is “normal”. Imix symbolizes communication & known as the Water Lily, helping us receive messages from these other realities and the ability to acknowledge our current life experiences of these things that are not simple to navigate or understand & can be scary to go thru in life.
Imix also represents cooperation, and is known as the Axis in the World! Also called the World Tree. Imix is the nagual of the ocean and the spirit of rain, and has a powerful connection with water. Therefore empowers & gives us a life source energy, water!

On Imix days, the Maya give thanks, ask for rain and water, and pray that their dreams and visions bring them beauty and wisdom rather than delusions and madness.  This is the day to pay attention to our dreams and the wisdom they may bring, to heal and cure illnesses of the mind, and to pray for strong mental health, not just for us but also for our loved ones.

Created for @mujeresdemaiz Xingona Fest 2020 amazing Event! Tickets available online & @shg at the door!

  • Made to Order
  • Sterling Silver
  • Measures 19"
  • Toggle clasp
  • Ships 1-2 weeks 
  • Indian Agate

Made with 100% Carino!