Gratitude Heart Bracelet

Gratitude Heart Bracelet

I was inspired the other night to create a piece of jewelry that could give back in a simply, yet profound way! I volunteered to be a Chaperone for my Daughter's High School. The require to graduate about 150 hours of volunteer projects thru working for various organizations.  This lead us to volunteer and give our time to the Burrito Project in L.A. 

It's a group that gathers once a month to make Burritos to feed the homeless in Los Angeles Downtown Skid row area. As we experienced this group for the first time, I saw the impact it had on so many lives and my daughers as well. Hoping to instill compassion and charity work as a lifestyle not just hours for school. Just being in the kitchen and seeing all the beans, rice, veggies. Yes veggies, homeless peeps are vegan too. It was so cool to see so many people get involved to feed the homeless.

Several people introduced themselves and how they found the Burrito Project, as people spoke around the room, one women said she noticed that the homeless people were asking for bags so she decided to make some by hand. She made as many as she could and brought them as a donation to the group.

So that night I came home restlest thinking about how grateful I was for what I had. I though we just made burritos for about 1,000 people, and it doesn't seem like enough. They not only delivered burritos but water too. I also didn't even think about the lack of dringking water in the streets, drinking water!  I take for granted being able to get a bottle of water. Like basics are not available in Dtla. 

It got me to do what they call inspired action, and I thought what could I make to give back to the group a month from now? I asked the universe, what could I make? What would you have me do? Where should I go? And the answer came in a simple way. Create a symbol with love, with the intention of one of the highest universal laws "charity". 

So I did just that. I thought of a simple design, a heart which is a symbol of giving from the heart and red cord for happiness and protection. I've created this bracelet with the intention of giving 10% back to the Burrito Project in L.A. My goal would be to give 100% of proceeds, but its gonna take baby steps.

I'm so happy and grateful for this experience! Hope you enjoyed the inspired action behind this bracelet.



Jewelry Healer:)

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