How to Start a Jewelry Business

Hola Everyone, Just want to start sharing my own personal Jewelry experience that spands over 25 yrs of being in the Jewelry industry.
These are the steps I would start to do if you want to start creating your own jewelry business.
1. Find your Niche
    Example: Gold Jewelry
2. Research your market & trends
3. Create a Business plan -Your mission, intention, goals & marketing strategy
For ilaments it's divine feminine, culture & community
4. Define your Brand (aka Your 3 Brand Pillars) for ilaments its Creating Jewelry for the Divine Feminine, Culture & Community
5. Source sustainable jewelry supplies & tools
6. Take professional photos of your jewelry 
7. Build your online community to grow your online e-commerce Shopify store
8. Market yourself
(People buy you)
Hope this blog resonates with you for any Entrepreneur out there who doesn't know where to start a Jewelry Business! 
This is what your structure to get started should look like & how you build an empowering jewelry brand!
With Gratitude, Lisa x;)

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