Malokin Jewelry Collection

Malokin Jewelry Collection
Handmade Artisan Jewelry 
Our Malokin Jewelry Collection is inspired by my recent travels to the Yucatan, where I visted Chichen Itza, Tulum & Xcaret!
The word Malokin in Mayan means "Good Sun" or "Good Day" and is a way to great someone in the morning or thru out your day. Kind of like Good morning but with more meaning because the sun came out today. 
You get to renew your spirit with every new day and that is a Good thing. Each piece is wire-wrapped and hammered to reflect a sun disc design and paired with faceted authentic turquoise gemstone.
I will be adding more to this collection as the inspiration from my trip starts to flood into my imagination. Mexico was pure magic. I wanted to create pieces that are timeless, classic and simple in style like I found in the jungle of the Yucatan. Everything is placed with intention and purpose and thats what I want you to feel when you are wearing one of our ilaments jewelry designs.
For now you can select from three Malokin Jewelry Designs. Our Malokin Sol Hoop Earrings, Ring or Charm Necklace. I will be adding other gemstones to them as well like Carnelian, Onyx, Amethyst and Pearls. 
I love sharing the inspiration behind each piece and hope you enjoy the good energy these jewelry pieces will bring into your life.
Malokin, Lisa

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