Keepin' It Selena - Ootd

Keepin' It Selena - Ootd


           Selena Gomez Instagram

It's January in L.A. and it's always about the OOTD. I love Selena Gomezs style, always keeping it real and simple.

Since its #coldaf and winter is still among us, put on one of those big fluffy, soft and warm oversized sweaters. I got one for Xmas that reads "Pug Life" with a big Pug on it! Cute, but comfy is key to this outfit of the Day!

                      XLG Gold Hoops 

Big Hoops, Big Comfy Sweater Don't Care kind of Day! These Hoops make any outfit work! It's all about the accessories! The Trend is the Bigger the Better!


Stay Tuned for more Blog Post! 2019 We are just getting started!


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