The Future is Chingona!

There is a Feminine Chingona Energy that is rising from women all over the world. Today we stand in the making of history with more women in Congress. We are living in new times where a woman can be whatever she wants to be.
Where a woman can get an education or work if she chooses. It has been over 500 years of oppression that will push our women forward. It will give them a future that our ancestors could have never imagined. Its our responsiblity to do the work for future generations to know what it means to be a Chingona. It doesn't happen overnight. Its a process of unlayering lies, preparing one's spirit to know herself.  Chicanas and Latinas everywhere are realizing the power within their voices, within their words, and most importantly within their culture.
Ask a Latina what this word means to her. I'm sure you will get the common response which is a "Bad Ass" women. Someone who can hold their own, yet when I hear this word I can't help but think of all the Indigenous, Mexican, Native, Central American, Warrior spirits who came before us. A Woman like the infamous Malinalli Tenepal (1505-1551) who was given the name Malinche, a women who was a token, can you believe that for Hernan Cortes's victory for conquering Mexico.
I can only imagine her experience and how brave of a Chingona spirit she had to be. To survive such a horrific experience. Yet her legacy of giving birth to a new race of people lives on in her story. It was her skillset, her knowledge, her interpretting in 3 different languages that made history. Still she bares the title of a traitor.
History is key to begin one's conscious journey. You can't know where you are going, if you don't know where you are coming from.
Chingonas are Warrior women. It is the fight within our hearts that makes us badass. We carry within us centuries of untold stories. Imagine how revolutionary the woman warrior known as Coyolxauhqui, the Aztec Moon Goddess, had to be? Who was attached and killed by her own brother, the war God Huitxilopochtli, who represented Aztec society of imperalism. I bring this part of history here as a reminder of the the indigenous warrior consciousness that exist within all of us. It is from these feminine energies that we learn of the fight within us. We are standing on the shoulders of warriors. It is with each story, every experience that a new generation can become more wise and knowledge.
A New Vision starts to emerge within words like "Brown is Beautiful". The Spanish Colonization was brutal for all the Americas. Mexico mixture of Spaniard, Indigenous and the "third root" of African descent created the communities we know today. Being a Chingona, is being aware of who you are, where you come from, knowing your roots! This is where the Chicana/Latina consciousness begins to unfold. 
When you begin to search for who you are, then you will find stories of your ancestors. A seed will be planted and when you begin to read the history, you will begin to want justice. You will begin to feel the pressure in your heart of what changes need to be made. Its important to express yourselves, because for centuries upon centuries it was not allowed.
You will begin to feel powerful within yourself to know this is where you come from. This is why the word "Chingona" has never been wanted by the masses. No one wants a powerful women. But we need to want it. We are the future. The women who are not afraid to be themselves. The women are the next generations first teachers. The women are the ones who show their daughters the customs and the ways.
Without Chingonas we lose parts of ourselves. I can only speak from my own point of view, being 4-5 Generation, Mexican -Native American, I am who I am because of my resilent Grandparents, Mother and Father.
I took it upon myself to seek my history and it has given me my identity. My love for where I come from. My families history leads me to where I am today. Its within this consciousness I challenge the status quo. I am proud to be Chicana. There is a special reclaiming of identity in that word. That's what makes us so unique. 
Look at Frida Kahlo, perfect example of a Free Thinker, A Bad Ass Chingona. A Mujer who walked to the beat of her own Aztec Hungarian drum:). She embodies the identity of who she wants to be with no f's given. Down to her lifestyle, her choice of dress. Her Mexican fashion aesthetic. One could say she was revolutionary within herself. She wore traditional indigenous huipils, to represent and honor her ancestors. These are the kinds of conscious actions that create a Chingona Spirit. Frida was unapologetically herself. She is what it means to be a Chingona. 
And last but not least, we must talk about the writers like Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. A Self Taught Scholar, Student of science, philosopher, composer and poet. Her advocating for women's rights in the 17th Century. She has been credited with being one the first Feminist of the New World. It's our responsiblity to become aware of women like Sor Juana, to remember her spirit and quest for knowledge. This is how Chingona's Rise! This is where your power lies, within yourself and with obtaining knowledge. No one can ever take your knowledge away. 
I share all of these historic Women of Mexican Origin to encourage you to be hungry for knowledge, to know who you are, to plant these seeds of history in your mind in hopes to spark a quest to be a free thinker in a land of burned stories and repressed thoughts.You are the Future and the Future is Chingona!
Dedicated to all these powerful women before me and to those who are still becoming a Chingona! 
Chicana in the City

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